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Formatting Y Axis
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Author:  Meteofontes [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Formatting Y Axis


I am new in pchart and i am trying to use it to get some graphs from my weatherstation data.

In my Wind Direction graph, i am having 2 problems.

First, in my sql table, i have a column with the numeric degrees (0 to 360ยบ), and i have another column with the text (N, E, ..., S).

One: i can't make the graphic using the text column (like this graphic: http://meteofontes.cm-lagoa.pt/images/d ... =747107287 ). Is there any solution to make it that way?

Second: using the numeric column, and using the next code:
/* Draw the scale */
$AxisBoundaries = array(0=>array("Min"=>0,"Max"=>360));
#$scaleSettings = array("GridR"=>200,"GridG"=>200,"GridB"=>200,"DrawSubTicks"=>TRUE,"CycleBackground"=>TRUE,"Mode"=>SCALE_MODE_MANUAL, "ManualScale"=>$AxisBoundaries);
$scaleSettings = array("Mode"=>SCALE_MODE_MANUAL,"ManualScale"=>$AxisBoundaries,"LabelSkip"=>45,"LabelRotation"=>90,"XMargin"=>10,"YMargin"=>10,"Floating"=>TRUE,"GridR"=>200,"GridG"=>200,"GridB"=>200,"DrawSubTicks"=>TRUE,"CycleBackground"=>TRUE);

I can't get the Y scale to respect the maximum value of 360. In the graph (in atachment) it always goes from 0 to 400, with divisions of 100. How can i format this to go from 0 to 360, with divisions of 90?

Thank you very much.

graficodirventodiaria.png [ 25.11 KiB | Viewed 9121 times ]

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