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image map for label with jquery or more...
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This request has been opened by : totemis

Feature description
It was a very nice (but experimental function in pChart 1.27b using the overlib library)? Charts are always more attractive with \"animation\" or interaction (Cf chart with flash or). PChart and Javascript (jquery) integration should be a very interesting way... Best regards. Thanks for your clever job...
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Key Feature

Message from medialingua on 30/11/2010
Sure, imagemap should be great !
Message from Karim C. on 30/11/2010
I think it should be a separate class to be added to any of Existing JS framework.
Message from ram on 06/12/2010
Yes... it would be great if it's supported.
Message from Lenny Dadu on 29/07/2011
This is a great feature! and if it's possible on graph radial an pie, that will be awesome...
Message from Lenny Dadu on 25/08/2011
Thanx for Introduced support for imageMap in V2.1.2 !! Is very usefull !
Actualy imageMap work on dot, can you add for label? It's usefull when label too long :
For trucate string on image
And show full string on imageMap
Maybe you can add option for trucateLabel=NbChar...

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