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Implementation of 3d pie chart support
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This request has been opened by : mice32alpha

Feature description
I found out that pChart 2.0.1 doesn\'t support 3d pie charts... It\'s a regress...
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Key Feature

Message from Jean-Damien on 30/11/2010
No worries, it's a pre-release, pie-chart will be part of the core extensions ;o)
Message from mice32alpha on 30/11/2010
Oh, then everything is OK.
Message from Jean-Damien on 03/12/2010
Implementation almost done. Only 3D pies are missing.
This will be released under the 2.0.3 distribution.
Message from Jean-Damien on 23/12/2010
Implementation done. draw3dpie()

Some few tweaks and custom options are still planned.

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