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Show value labes in high density data
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This request has been opened by : Tico

Feature description
Showing value labels on high density data charts use to be unreadable. Some desktop programs solves this making appear the value when the cursor is over a value in the chart. This is a great feature. This or maybe appling 45 rotation to the labels for avoid overwriting. We use to draw 1-minutal environment variable like O3 and this means 1440 values per grahp (1 day). Showing values is only possible with this feature.
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Key Feature

Message from McTrex on 03/01/2011
I second this request. I use the labels to show the dates of stock transactions on the priceline of that stock. Sometimes, quite a bit of the graph is hidden behind the label. It would be nice to draw the labels in a 45 angle or maybe even have the library decide for itself what the best angle is. But that might be too complicated.
Message from Richard on 31/01/2011
I agree with this request. Values are currently centered on each segment of the pie, but on very small segments of a 3D pie chart the numbers are difficult to read as they tend to overlap. On the original pchart you could have the value labels outside the segments (see
Message from messc on 11/08/2011
I'd like to be able skipping value labels like i can do with X axis labels, it would make my chart much more clear. You could also think about mechanism which would prevent from covering one data set value labels on others.

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