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Make it available for use!
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I wish that this becomes available soon! I have a big project coming up and would like this as the standard charting utility.
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Message from Jean-Damien on 02/08/2010
I know that many people are waiting for the release of the first v2 public code. I'm still working on it and don't want to provide unfinished libraries.
I'll keep the community updated about the progress.
Message from Dom on 08/08/2010
Bonjour Jean-Damien
v2 looks awesome! It's great to see that you are wanting to provide quality code. Would you consider releasing alpha/beta code to testers/early adopters under any conditions? Even if v2 is not finished, it would allow those who are starting large projects to start writing to v2 api.
Message from Javert03 on 10/08/2010
I echo what Dom said. Even an alpha release would be incredibly helpful. Also, is there a roadmap anywhere? It would be good to have an idea of whether a release is coming in two weeks, two months or two years. Thanks for your work!
Message from ram on 21/08/2010
I certainly agree what dom said... if u let us use the alpha version, it would be nice
Message from Dom on 25/10/2010
please don't forget us! if you post an alpha then maybe we can help to finish it as well as test it :)
Message from mice32alpha on 25/10/2010
I really tired of wait for the date of release...
Message from Karim C. on 05/11/2010
Same here, I'm available to help this library becomes the best one.
Message from Jean-Damien on 03/12/2010
Here we are : Early adopters step started some days ago!

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