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About :: This web site

This place is intended to provide an up to date and open documentation for the pChart project. This web site has been build from scratch to allow collaborative work. Enhancements are still planned like automatic export of the whole documentation to downloadable PDF documents to allow offline browsing.

You are free to create an account and post comments on the documentation pages. We would be pleased if you can share your own experience here. If you feel confortable to help writting / correcting the documentation, apply for the editor rights in the "My Settings" section while being connected with your account.

If you want to re-use or adapt the code of this wiki for your own use, please contact me. I've already received request from users that want to adapt it to document their own project. The pWiki may become a dedicated separate project in the future.


Thank you very much for your support in building a better library every days. We are proud to have registered users from the following countries :

 United States (65)   France (48)   Germany (33)   Portugal (13)   United Kingdom (13)   Canada (12)   Sweden (11)   Poland (11)   Russian Federation (10)   Brazil (10)   Netherlands (10)   Spain (10)   Switzerland (10)   Italy (10)   India (8)   Indonesia (8)   Austria (8)   Australia (7)   Czech Republic (6)   Argentina (6)   Malaysia (5)   Mexico (5)   Belgium (5)   Denmark (5)   Chile (4)   Romania (4)   Serbia and Montenegro (4)   Norway (4)   New Zealand (4)   Japan (4)   Thailand (4)   Iran, Islamic Republic of (3)   Pakistan (3)   Ireland (3)   Finland (3)   China (3)   Philippines (3)   Slovenia (3)   Colombia (3)   Israel (2)   Kyrgyzstan (2)   South Africa (2)   Oman (2)   Latvia (2)   Ukraine (2)   Bangladesh (2)   Madagascar (1)   Singapore (1)   Malta (1)   Sri Lanka (1)   Lithuania (1)   Panama (1)   Algeria (1)   Namibia (1)   Korea, Republic of (1)   Peru (1)   Cuba (1)   Ecuador (1)   Albania (1)   Greece (1)   Hungary (1)   Antarctica (1)   Qatar (1)   Taiwan (1)   Croatia (1)   Bolivia (1) 


The pChart library, pChart web site and pChart documentation have been written by Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI ( contact @ pchart . net ). Please refer to the licencing topic if you intend to use this library in your commercial products. Components used on this web site : Famfamfam icons has been made by Mark James, Rounded corners lite has been coded by Cameron Cooke and Tim Hutchison, SyntaxHighlighter has been written by Alex Gorbatchev.


The pChart library is released under the GPL licence scheme until further notice.
pGeo Class :: World map drawing

The pGeo class is a side project intented to provide a drawing interface for world maps. It today allow yo highlight countries, scale the data, include rasters, 3D spherical projection... This isn't a finalised code but it may one day be shipped with the pChart classes. If you are interested by this project, just let me know : Motivation always help to produce code faster ;o)

 $Data = array("FR"=>10,"ES"=>5,"BR"=>1,"US"=>8);

 $flatMap = new flat();

 $earth3D = new earth($flatMap->getImage(),array("Width"=>120,"Height"=>120,"Radius"=>55));