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Welcome in the collaborative pChart 2.x online documentation

First of all, thank you for choosing pChart. We‘ll do our best to help you in configuring this library and integrate it in your own web projects. This documentation is community driven meaning that if you want to contribute, create an account and start to post comments! If you want to help in writing the documentation (or correcting the contents), just checkout in the "My settings" section of the Toolbox.

After more than one year of development inactivity, pChart is back with the first non-beta release : 2.0. It was also time to associate a logo to this project. As you‘ll see some philosophic changes have been made to the library, this documentation will help you to convert your previous scripts to this new version.

The pChart project is a living one, take you‘re part in it! You‘re using pChart somewhere? Let us know! We would be happy to share some real life stories. You want to request new features, go on! The Wishes tab is yours!

This documentation is intended to be used with the latest version of pChart. Current trunk ends at 2.0, the previous 1.x library isn‘t compatible at all.

What is pChart and what can it do for you?

pChart is a PHP class oriented framework designed to create anti-aliased charts. While creating this library, we‘ve focused on two key axis : quality and speed. As you may have understood, pChart is run on the webserver side, this means that an aditionnal load will be added on it. Hopefuly the pCache class is here to help! Properly configured it will prevent to compute again already rendered charts.

pChart 2.0 is a major step in this library lifecycle. The first version has been written following a personal challenge to produce eye candy graphics and then published on internet. The initial source code of this version was a bit buggy and not really object oriented, this is why we‘ve decided to restart on a strong basis with clean and fast code that would be easier to maintains. In the new features/enhancement you‘ll see :

Full support of alpha channels for transparency.
Rendering speed greatly improved.
Native support for shadows.
Enhanced axis configuration.
Barcode drawing functions.
Open classes concept that allow easy library extensions.

You can also use pChart as a simple drawing library to build anti-aliased compound pictures or barcodes that you‘ll later integrate in documents like PDFs. The in-build antialiasing algorithm and the alpha channel support can allow you to build very nice looking graphics.

How to use this documentation?

On the left side of the screen you‘ll see the navigation pane. All the documentation topics are organised in a hiearchical way to ease your navigation. You can also use the search box to find text inside the database contents. The first important stop for you is the Installation section located in the "Getting Started" section, this will help you to understand the prerequisite of this library and will save you some debugging time.

An offline PDF version of this help is also available for download, you can download it from here. This document is re-generated automatically every night using the FPDF library to reflect the documentation updates.


The pChart library, pChart web site and pChart documentation have been written by Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI ( jean-damien @ ). Please refer to the licencing topic if you intend to use this library in your commercial products.
Last updated on 12/26/2010 
by Jean-Damien 
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Community comments
Message from counane on 07/06/2010
Hi Jean-Damien,
Do you have any idea on the roadmap of the version 2.0 ? We are planning to build our internal reporting framework on pChart, and I‘m wondering if I should start it on the 1.27 version and then migrate to the 2.0 version when available.
Message from radi8 on 08/06/2010
Hey Jean: This library is beautiful and I would like to standardize my dev work around it (I currently use 1.27). Do you have a mailing list for availability? Are you looking for beta testers? Will you incorporate logarithmic scaling (PLEASE!!!)?
Nice work on this, keep up the good work.
Message from Shaderach on 13/09/2010
Account created and eagerly awaiting news of the 2.0 alpha as per your recent comment on the pChart SourceForge forum...
Message from Dom on 14/09/2010
thankyou for posting an alpha version soon! looks awesome, really looking forward to it.
Message from Aswani Kumar on 22/09/2010
hi jean, im fan of pchart. but now pchart 1.27d is not working on php 5.3 as split function is deprecated from php 5.3.
i replaced split with explode but no use.
please tell me a solution
Message from Karim C. on 11/10/2010
Hi Jean, your library is awesome, Account created and awaiting news from 2.0 Development.
Message from bgengine on 12/10/2010
Hi, I have been using 1.27d and found it great - I‘m looking forward to 2.0. Any news on when it may be released ? Might be an idea to put an estimated release date on this site ..
Best regards
Message from Ikhsan Aulia on 27/10/2010
How kind of you, make this kind of great library for open :)
Message from yoss on 05/11/2010
thank u very much for pchart
can u tell us when u gonna publish v2.0?
please, its important
Message from Karim C. on 26/11/2010
Hi Jean, very nice work with , hope the development is still ongoing. The library always looks like awesome, can‘t wait to test it.
Good luck and thanks for your amazing work.
Message from Aswani Kumar on 30/11/2010
Hi, i am glad to download pchart 2.0.1 but I got this error in the default sample files.
Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, integer given in C:\xampp\htdocs\pChart2\class\pDraw.class on line 1719
Message from counane on 30/11/2010
thanks for the early adopter version Let‘s play with it
Message from AK on 30/11/2010
Thanks for the early release, JD! However, I had no luck running it on my wamp server (php 5.3.3). I got errors like split(), ereg() are is deprecated, and the one Aswani Kumar mentioned. So far I can‘t generate any chart from example correctly.
Message from Carlos on 30/11/2010
@AK Those errors can be configured in the php.ini configuraiton file, search for the "error_reporting" option and use error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED
Message from Jean-Damien on 30/11/2010
I didn‘t noticed that my php.ini was already setup with error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED. I‘ll disable it to see if we can get ride of all this messages. Thanks for having pointed it to me.
Message from Jean-Damien on 30/11/2010
2.0.2 out for the early adopters community correcting all this deprecated functions messages.
Message from theodamien on 01/12/2010
Hi, thank you very much for this excellent work Jean-Damien.
Do you have plan to release the function drawPieGraph for pie chart ?
Message from Aswani Kumar on 01/12/2010
Hi Jean, Thanks for 2.0.2. its not showing any errors but no output too. i tested on XAMPP, Zend Server CE.
I think problem is with prerequisite freetype which is not included in xampp or zend server by default. if this is the case, please guide solution/fix.
And its good to have these conversations somewhere else instead of stuffing home page. please open a thread in forum for discussion.
Message from mice32alpha on 02/12/2010
On my ZendServer CE 5.2 everything is okay. Maybe you‘re using php 5.3?
Message from Aswani Kumar on 02/12/2010
im using zend server 5.0.2 with php 5.3.2. this version of pchart dont support php 5.3+?
Message from mice32alpha on 02/12/2010
Maybe pChart has some problems with new versions of php not only beacuse of deprecated functions... Try pChart 2.0.2 on php 5.2 (there are two versions of Zend Server CE).
Message from Jean-Damien on 02/12/2010
If you‘re trying to render the examples with the Render() method from a web browser, you‘re not supposed to see anything, Render() is creating a file on the disk. You‘ll have to replace this call by Stroke().

A forum is now online :
Message from AK on 02/12/2010
2.0.2 works great for me on php 5.3.3, thanks all!
Message from cedarcreekguy1 on 25/12/2010
Hello Jean - I am so glad I found your site and project! This is exactly what I have been looking for to generate graphs to display data from CSV files for my server metrics. Can‘t wait to see v2.0 and to put it to use.
Message from alexandremw on 19/01/2011
I have problems with pchart and overlib. If I have 2 grafics simultaneously in the page, the first overlib of grafic no funcion. HELP
Message from opaulet on 16/06/2011
Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d‘une librairie graphique pour une entreprise afin de créer des graphes de toutes sortes, et la votre correspond exactement à nos attentes. Il reste cela dit une question que je me pose. Pouvons nous effectuer un zoom in/out sur les graphes ? Vous pouvez me contacter par mail afin de correspondre avec vous. Cordialement.
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