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Combo charts

You may want to display your data series with different kind of charts using the same scale. This kind of data representation are called combo charts. To create one with pChart follow the following steps :

Create all your datasets.
Draw the chart scale.
Draw the chart legend.
Hide the series desired.
Draw your 1st chart.
Hide the series desired.
Draw your 2nd chart.

Using the setSerieDrawable() function you can easily activate / deactivate data series processing by all charting and drawing functions. You can re-use this scheme to draw as many different charts you want.

Keep in mind that you can‘t mix charts that need different scaling methods. If you need to do it, you‘ll have to force the scaling option that will create the biggest min / max range. (Usually SCALE_MODE_ADDALL )

Sample script

/* pChart library inclusions */

 /* Create the pData object with some random values*/
 $MyData = new pData(); 
 $MyData->addPoints(array(30,24,32),"This year");
 $MyData->addPoints(array(28,20,27),"Last year");

 /* Create the pChart object */
 $myPicture = new pImage(700,230,$MyData);

 /* Create a solid background */
 $Settings = array("R"=>179, "G"=>217, "B"=>91, "Dash"=>1, "DashR"=>199, "DashG"=>237, "DashB"=>111);

 /* Do a gradient overlay */
 $Settings = array("StartR"=>194, "StartG"=>231, "StartB"=>44, "EndR"=>43, "EndG"=>107, "EndB"=>58, "Alpha"=>50);

 /* Add a border to the picture */
 /* Write the picture title */ 
 $myPicture->drawText(10,13,"Chart title",array("R"=>255,"G"=>255,"B"=>255));

 /* Draw the scale */

 /* Graph title */
 $myPicture->drawText(50,52,"Chart subtitle",array("FontSize"=>20,"Align"=>TEXT_ALIGN_BOTTOMLEFT));

 /* Draw the bar chart chart */
 $MyData->setSerieDrawable("Last year",FALSE);

 /* Draw the line and plot chart */
 $MyData->setSerieDrawable("Last year",TRUE);
 $MyData->setSerieDrawable("This year",FALSE);

 /* Make sure all series are drawable before writing the scale */
 $MyData->setSerieDrawable("This year",TRUE);

 /* Write the legend */

 /* Render the picture (choose the best way) */
Last updated on 01/08/2011 
by Jean-Damien 
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