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Wishes list :: What do you want to see in this library?

Community feedback matters! We want know the features that you would like to see implemented in this library. We can't promise that everything will be coded due to the working load that it will create. If the feature you want to see is already listed, just add a vote to it : this will help us to identify community most wanted topics!

Current wishes

 ID 1    Low  Not started
 ID 2    Low  Not started
 ID 5    Low  Not started
 ID 6    Normal  Not started
 ID 7    Low  In progress
 ID 8    Low  Complete
 ID 9    Important  Complete
 ID 12    Normal  Not started
 ID 13    Important  Not started
 ID 14    Normal  Complete
 ID 20    Normal  Not started
 ID 21    Low  Not started
 ID 22    Low  Not started
 ID 23    Normal  Complete
 ID 24    Normal  Not started
 ID 25    Normal  Complete
 ID 26    Important  Not started
 ID 27    Normal  Not started
 ID 28    Important  Not started
 ID 29    Low  Not started
 ID 30    Normal  Not started
 ID 31    Low  Not started
 ID 32    Low  Not started
 ID 33    Normal  Not started
 ID 34    Low  Not started
 ID 35    Low  Not started
 ID 36    Low  Not started
 ID 37    Important  Not started
 ID 38    Normal  Not started
 ID 39    Normal  Not started
 ID 40    Important  Not started
 ID 41    Normal  Not started
 ID 42    Normal  Not started
 ID 43    Low  Not started
 ID 44    Important  Not started

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