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Format Array

Almost all drawing fonctions can be tunned by manually feeding rendering parameters like color, transparency,.. This parameters are given to the function within a 2 dimensionnal array.

Feeding the array

Arrays are easy to use in PHP. In this descriptive array, we have to provide a couple of values : the name of the parameters will be used as a key and the value will be provided rawly :
 $myArray = array("Alpha"=>50);

..this will associate the value 50 with the parameter Alpha. Basically, drawing function will at least require a color that will be composed of 3 values R,G,B :
 $myArray = array("R"=>191,"G"=>215,"B"=>59);

You can also use a less compact method to fill the array :

Options may change

When calling a drawing function refer to its documentation. The drawFilledCircle for example have many parameters that can be tuned :

The fill color can be set with R, G, B.
The border color can be set with BorderR, BorderG, BorderB.
You can use the Surrounding option to define the border color. This value will be added to the R,G,B factors to define the border color.
The alpha transparency factor can be set with Alpha

This may lead in a long configuration array :
Last updated on 12/06/2010 
by Jean-Damien 
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