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Playing with the pData Array

What is called "pData Array" within this documentation is a complex structure composed of many imbricated arrays containing all the data that you‘ll chart and the configuration of the associated axis. This array of arrays will describe the way data will be processed by the charting functions.

The format array is build by the pData class. A lot of internal public methods will help you to associate data to one serie, label an axis, define the way data will be displayed,..

Show me this array!

The easiest way to show what is contained in this array is to call the getData function of the pData class :
 /* Create the pData object */
 $MyData = new pData(); 

 /* Populate some data */
 $MyData->addPoints(array(1,2,3,4),"My Serie 1");

 /* This will dump the pData structure contents */

This will display something like :
    [XAxisDisplay] => 680001
    [XAxisFormat] =>
    [XAxisName] =>
    [XAxisUnit] =>
    [Abscissa] =>
    [Axis] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [Display] => 680001
                    [Position] => 681002
    [Series] => Array
            [My Serie 1] => Array
                    [Description] => My Serie 1
                    [isDrawable] => 1
                    [Picture] =>
                    [Max] => 4
                    [Min] => 1
                    [Axis] => 0
                    [Color] => Array
                            [R] => 188
                            [G] => 224
                            [B] => 46
                    [Data] => Array
                            [0] => 1
                            [1] => 2
                            [2] => 3
                            [3] => 4
    [Min] => 1
    [Max] => 4

As you‘ll see, there is much more parameters in it than what we‘ve provided on line 5 of the script. This can be explained by the fact that we don‘t want that pChart users learn how to deal with this array, the maximum of things must be kept automatic and while creating a new serie, bunch of "default" parameters will be applied on it.

How to raw edit this array?

It‘s possible to rawly edit this array by directly accessing it trough the pData object :
 /* This will overwrite the name of the abscissa axis */
 $MyData->Data["XAxisName"] = "My X Axis";

..but be careful while playing this way, you may break the structure of the array and override the sanity checks made by the class methods.
Last updated on 11/03/2009 
by Jean-Damien 
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