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writeBubbleLabel - Drawing arrows

This function allows you to write nice looking labels over your charts. All the drawing parameters are given trough a $Format array. To learn more about this please read the Format array guide.

Calling this function
Where :

SeriesName is the name of the data serie on which we want to write labels.
SerieWeightName is the name of the associated serie containing the points weight.
Points is an array containing the position of the points where you want to write a label.
Format is an array containing the drawing parameters of the arrow.

Customisation array - Tune up your label!

It is possible to customize the rendering by playing with this array. Providing a detailled configuration is not mandatory.
You can remove the label title setting NoTitle to TRUE.
You can force the label(s) title with OverrideTitle.
You can force the label(s) values(s) specifying each displayed values in the array ForceLabels.
You can draw a box marker over the data point setting DrawPoint to TRUE.
You can draw a vertical line over the data point setting DrawVerticalLine to TRUE.
You can specify the vertical line color with VerticalLineR,VerticalLineG,VerticalLineB,VerticalLineAlpha.
You can specify the vertical line ticks width with VerticalLineTicks.
You can specify the minimum label width with BoxWidth.
You can specify if you want to draw the serie color box setting DrawSerieColor to TRUE.
You can specify the size of the serie box with SerieBoxSize.
You can specify the vertical margin with VerticalMargin.
You can specify the horizontal margin with HorizontalMargin.
You can specify the name of the font to use with B]FontName.
You can specify the size of the font to use with B]FontSize.
You can specify the title color with TitleR,TitleG,TitleB.
You can specify the title background color with TitleBackgroundR,TitleBackgroundG,TitleBackgroundB.
You can specify the box gradient starting color with GradientStartR,GradientStartG,GradientStartB.
You can specify the box gradient ending color with GradientEndR,GradientEndG,GradientEndB.

You can choose if the title will got a solid background with TitleMode :

LABEL_TITLE_BACKGROUND solid background.

Sample script

 /* pChart library inclusions */

 /* Create and populate the pData object */
 $MyData = new pData();
 $MyData->setSerieDescription("Probe1","This year");
 $MyData->setSerieDescription("Probe2","Last year");
 $MyData->setAxisName(0,"Current stock");

 /* Create the pChart object */
 $myPicture = new pImage(700,230,$MyData);

 /* Draw the background */
 $Settings = array("R"=>170, "G"=>183, "B"=>87, "Dash"=>1, "DashR"=>190, "DashG"=>203, "DashB"=>107);

 /* Overlay with a gradient */
 $Settings = array("StartR"=>219, "StartG"=>231, "StartB"=>139, "EndR"=>1, "EndG"=>138, "EndB"=>68, "Alpha"=>50);
 $myPicture->drawGradientArea(0,0,700,20,DIRECTION_VERTICAL,array("StartR"=>0,"StartG"=>0,"StartB"=>0, "EndR"=>50,"EndG"=>50,"EndB"=>50,"Alpha"=>80));

 /* Add a border to the picture */
 /* Write the picture title */ 
 $myPicture->drawText(10,13,"drawBubbleChart() - draw a linear bubble chart",array("R"=>255,"G"=>255,"B"=>255));

 /* Write the title */
 $myPicture->drawText(40,55,"Current Stock / Needs chart",array("FontSize"=>14,"Align"=>TEXT_ALIGN_BOTTOMLEFT));

 /* Change the default font */

 /* Create the Bubble chart object and scale up */
 $myBubbleChart = new pBubble($myPicture,$MyData);

 /* Scale up for the bubble chart */
 $bubbleDataSeries   = array("Probe1","Probe2");
 $bubbleWeightSeries = array("Probe1Weight","Probe2Weight");

 /* Draw the 1st chart */

 /* Write a label over the chart */
 $LabelSettings = array("TitleMode"=>LABEL_TITLE_BACKGROUND, "VerticalMargin"=>4,"HorizontalMargin"=>6, "DrawSerieColor"=>FALSE,"TitleR"=>255,"TitleG"=>255,"TitleB"=>255);

 /* Draw the 2nd scale */

 /* Draw the 2nd bubble chart */

 /* Write a label over the chart */

 /* Write the chart legend */

 /* Render the picture (choose the best way) */
Last updated on 03/25/2011 
by Jean-Damien 
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